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We’re digital pioneers, known for being the most prolific political fundraisers in the country.
Step 1:
Build your list.
Step 2:
Launch optimized campaigns.
Step 3:
Watch your revenue grow.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Founded by Rebecca Donatelli, Campaign Solutions accepted the first online political donation in 1998. Since then, we have earned trust and accolades cycle after cycle for outsmarting fundraising challenges and building strategies that win.
Build your list
Start with a strong foundation: a list of potential donors we help you create and grow.
Launch optimized campaigns
Send out fundraising messages that really work, thanks to our blend of experience and data analysis.
Watch your revenue grow
See real financial gains as our proven strategies turn potential donors into campaign champions.

Leaders in digital fundraising for over 20 years.

Meet your guides to winning the fundraising wars in this video from CS President, Carter Kidd

Powerful Fundraising

Our comprehensive services ensure that your donor list is growing and your messages are hitting inboxes.

Legendary Acumen

Harness the wisdom of decades, sculpted by pivotal moments and iconic campaign victories.

Data Driven Strategy

Turn data into your ally, shaping bespoke strategies that challenge assumptions and minimize
guess work.

Precision Email Inboxing

Bypass the noise and land straight into the heart of supporters’ inboxes at the right time, with the right message.

Text Messaging Expertise

Capitalize on 90% deliverability rates. Engage audiences directly on their screens with messages that resonate and mobilize.

Battle-proven tech stack

Rely on robust, tested technologies, ensuring your campaign remains secure, efficient, and ahead of your competition.

In-House copywriting

Messages penned by our expert wordsmiths who understand the political landscape intimately.

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2024 Republican Fundraising Playbook

Download our free playbook and learn how to increase your donor dollars through messaging, microtargeting, and strategic fundraising efforts.
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2024 Republican Fundraising Playbook

Our Team is Standing By

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